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Thanks for using Myrient! If you like what we are doing and want to help support our cause, please make a donation!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Myrient

What is Myrient?

Myrient is a video game content archive where you can download content to use in emulators and on real systems. Everything is free and no account registration is required.

Is Myrient safe?

Yes. Myrient was created to give users an unlimited ad-free and malware-free experience.

What does "Myrient" mean?

Myrient is a portmanteau of the words "myriad" and "entertainment", referring to the countless amount of video game content that is difficult to access or no longer available legitimately.

How can I support you?

If you like our service, you can support us by making a donation.

We also accept missing content from users like you. More details are in our Upload page.


What are "No-Intro", "Redump", "TOSEC", "TOSEC-ISO", and "TOSEC-PIX"?

No-Intro, Redump, and TOSEC are groups that catalog games.

No-Intro specializes in cartridge-based games and digital content, Redump specializes in disc-based games, and TOSEC specializes in both. TOSEC-ISO and TOSEC-PIX are auxiliary sets of TOSEC.

It is important to note that they are not distributors of video game content; rather, they provide checksums and hashes to help ensure content is a 1:1 dump of the original copy. Without them, preserving content would be very difficult or impossible.

How do I filter content by [content type or region]?

The search feature is versatile for filtering out all content except for a certain type. Here are a few usage examples:

How do I download an entire directory?

You may use wget to download entire directories from Myrient using this command:
wget -m -np -c -e robots=off -R "index.html*" [URL]

FTP and rsync endpoints are also available to use.

We also recommend the following programs:

Why is the download speed slow?

It is most likely due to high traffic or poor routing from our servers to your ISP. You may use a download manager that has the ability to download with multiple connections such as JDownloader, Free Download Manager, or Motrix.

Note: If you are downloading multiple files at once, it is very likely that you are saturating the advertised speed of your ISP.

FTP and rsync

Why is the download speed slow?

Myrient has a limited number of servers for downloading via FTP and rsync. If you are experiencing slow download speeds from these endpoints, it may be due to high usage. Please use the website to download content instead or be patient.


Why is everything in ZIP (.zip) format and not 7-Zip (.7z)?

When compared to the 7-Zip format, ZIP archives are easier to manage and use. The ZIP format usually does not require the installation of a third-party program.

The difference in file size between ZIP and 7-Zip has a negligible impact on our storage usage.

How do I verify the integrity of downloaded content?

All content can be verified by calculating the size and checksums (CRC-32, SHA-1, SHA-256, and MD5) of the file(s) inside the ZIP archive and comparing them to what is presented on No-Intro for the No-Intro collection, Redump for the Redump collection, and dats.site for the GameCube RVZ, Wii RVZ, and Wii U WUX sets. If they match, the content has not been tampered with.

Why do the ZIP files contain a comment saying "TORRENTZIPPED-XXXXXXXX"?

All ZIP files were compressed using a standard format called TorrentZip, which helps ensure all files compressed result in identical archives. The 8 characters after "TORRENTZIPPED-" represent the CRC-32 checksum of all the files in the archive's central directory. The string does not affect the data contained within the archive in any way.

Will Myrient offer pre-patched ROMs for download?

As rom hacks are continuously updated and difficult to verify, Myrient will not offer pre-patched ROMs for download.

Will Myrient offer private sets?

Myrient will not offer private sets. Only sets that have been made public are available, with the exception being certain non-current generation systems, GDI, SBI, and key files.

Why do you not make the content available to download via torrents?

As content in sets are always being added or updated, they naturally also have to be updated anywhere else they are available. Torrents are impossible to update without using BitTorrent v2, which has support for mutable torrents but is not widely adopted yet and has caveats. From a realistic standpoint, no one would seed the torrents and it would just be a fancy form of direct downloading but with implied risks.

How do I convert GameCube or Wii RVZ files to ISO?

The RVZ format is unconventional by Redump standards and the only format Myrient offers for GameCube and Wii to save storage. If you already have the beta or development version of Dolphin, skip steps 2 and 3.

These instructions assume you are using Windows.

  1. Download a GameCube or Wii RVZ file from Myrient and extract it. Remember where you extracted the RVZ file to as you will need this information later.
  2. Download the latest beta version of Dolphin. You will need 7-Zip to extract the archive.
  3. Extract the Dolphin-x64 folder in the archive you downloaded in the previous step to a folder of your choice.
  4. Locate the Dolphin-x64 folder you extracted, open it, and launch Dolphin.exe.
  5. Double-click in the blank area to add a new path. Set it to the directory where you extracted the RVZ file to in step 1. You should see the game you downloaded listed in the menu.
  6. Right-click the game and choose "Convert File...".
  7. Leave ISO as the Format. Leave "Remove Junk Data (Irreversible)" unchecked. Click "Convert..."
  8. Save the ISO file to a folder of your choice. If all goes well, you will see a success message and can find the ISO file in the folder you saved it to.

Video instructions

How do I convert Wii U WUX files to ISO?

The WUX format is unconventional by Redump standards and the only format Myrient offers for Wii U to save storage. If you already have WudCompress, skip step 2.

These instructions assume you are using Windows.

  1. Download a Wii U WUX file from Myrient and extract it. Remember where you extracted the WUX file to as you will need this information later.
  2. Download WudCompress and extract the archive to a folder of your choice.
  3. Locate the WudCompress folder you extracted and move the WUX file into the WudCompress folder.
  4. Open the WudCompress folder and drag the WUX file on the WudCompress application. If all goes well, you will see a 24 GB WUD file.
  5. Rename the WUD file's extension from .wud to .iso.

Video instructions

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