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Where sharing is a priority

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Donate to Myrient

Myrient is supported by donations from its users to cover monthly expenses associated with serving content at such a large scale.

With bandwidth being the most expensive monthly operating cost, we would rather scale that down than monetize the website with advertisements. A decrease of bandwidth will noticeably impact download speeds and performance.

As a service that does not impose advertisements, download limits, or wait times on its users, Myrient uses a massive amount of bandwidth to serve over 5 petabytes of content per month. We continually increase bandwidth with demand whenever we financially can to keep download speeds high.

We do not make a profit from Myrient in any way and keeping it free of ads and limits is not possible without your support. Thank you very much for your interest in donating to us.

Monthly Operating Costs

  • Storage Servers: $1120/month
  • Bandwidth: $1800/month
  • Cloud Servers: $13/month
  • Off-site Backups (Shared with hShop): $138/month

  • Select a Payment Method

    Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer


    Bitcoin (BTC): 1EkD8fbjApn1Xd9WVy7xTUYHntSdqivPzE
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH): bitcoincash:qr0tr7q59fcqsglm5ft9ak5y60fdfv4gdgzjnnq63t
    Ethereum (ETH): 0x248e36a7A0E880A4D26d47cF6B6CE8B358e3A81A
    Monero (XMR): 42c1kmsNeCRE3SEdsTRTx74pXLZJB9aBH38abz7JxPm2LBeGf682isGaD6QqDrC58wNed87EJRRiKV3r9ddTk8uW7nBVx5k
    Dash (DASH): XswpGrnXBKkCkoucybKi5DCTrnq5azVxU2
    Litecoin (LTC): LV7FE6Ew7gFQRLB3fMhphuHjkbCWqyAgqa
    Nano (NANO): nano_3gwmywdz63h5uscxri1tsm4xtin1w1qfn7h9jprasca35rpgtxijs41e7amg
    Ripple (XRP): rP8GnsnRd1W9Zj4LZSBfrv4TXZZwVcuNGs
    ZCash (ZEC): t1K5qWZHY7HS7ywJc2YMoVaHq3LZwh3DG2v

    If you have any questions or would like to make a large donation, please contact us at donation@erista.me.

    Myrient is an Erista service.