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Where sharing is a priority

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Myrient - Reenvisioning Video Game Preservation

A Myriad of Entertainment

Myrient is your go-to website offering organized and publicly available video game collections with the intention of keeping them from becoming lost to time. Myrient currently hosts over 170TB of data and uses high-end servers for the best performance possible.

A Myriad of Difference

After looking at popular ROM and archive sites, we noticed most of them lacked a good user experience by showing advertisements, paywalls, pop-ups, and captchas. They also required users to wait in-between downloads and register for an account to download content.

We created Myrient to set a precedent by providing a service centered around free and unrestricted access. This means not limiting users in any way, shape, or form from being able to play their favorite video game or simply having an archive for themselves.

It is for this reason that Myrient is not only a ROM site, but also a website which truly defines the meaning of video game preservation.

Being privately funded, Myrient is a service certain to stay free forever without monetary donations.

Myrient is an Erista service.