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Where sharing is a priority

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Upload Fixes

Finding Fixes

We have provided FixDATs here.

FixDATs are updated after fixes are imported to Myrient's infrastructure.

Content already on Myrient or not matching the hashes in the FixDATs will be deleted.

Uploading Fixes

Using the Web Uploader

Before uploading, click here to view a list of already uploaded fixes and check to ensure what you are about to upload has not already been uploaded by someone else.

Use username myrient and password list to authenticate. The list is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

To upload fixes to the No-Intro and Redump collections, click here and follow the instructions below.

  1. Use password myrientupload to authenticate.
  2. Click the New Folder icon near the top right corner.
  3. Click Upload. The Transfers area appears.
  4. Drag and drop files into the Transfers area or click to browse files or folders. Select the file(s) or folder(s) you want to upload. There is no maximum file size.
  5. The files start uploading. Please wait until all files or folders are uploaded successfully (when the progress bar turns green and/or all parts finish uploading) before you close the browser tab.

Note: The web uploader is set up so the file listing is disabled. This makes it appear empty, even when content is uploaded to it. As long as the progress bar under the file or folder being uploaded in the Transfers area turns green, the content is uploaded successfully.

If you encounter any issues with uploading, please send an email to upload@erista.me with the following information: 1) the exact error message you encountered, 2) the time of the upload, and 3) a public link to the fix, uploaded to a file sharing service.

Using a File Sharing Service

If for some reason you cannot access the web uploader or it does not work, you can upload the fix to a file sharing service. Then, include a download link in an email to upload@erista.me.

We recommend using the following anonymous file sharing services:

Upload Guidelines

The following file types are recommended*:

The following file types are not recommended and may result in import delays:

*TorrentZip has the highest priority. This means file types other than TorrentZip will take longer to process. For this reason, it is recommended that you compress/fix your archives to TorrentZip before uploading.

If the raw file is in ZIP or 7-Zip format, please compress it into a ZIP or 7-Zip archive before uploading to prevent it from being detected and deleted as a falsely mismatched fix.

Import Schedule

Fixes are imported to Myrient's infrastructure every month on a "best effort" basis. You may request the importing of fixes as soon as possible by sending an email to upload@erista.me.

Myrient is an Erista service.